Government Polytechnic College, Harda

Department of Humanities


Welcome!!! Department of Humanities, GPC Harda.

  • The Department of Humanities is one of the oldest departments of the institute started in 1962 for all first year Students. 


  • It has three laboratories : Chemistry Lab, Physics lab & Communication Skill Language Lab.

Coming Soon!!!

Coming Soon!!

Chemistry Lab


  • The students are given training in analytical methods and are taught about the need and application of engineering materials.
  • Competencies developed in students to attain relevant POs (Programme Outcomes) thereby will be useful to perform the job in solving problems in the field of Engineering, Industries and in day-today life relevant to Chemistry.


Physics Lab


  • Well equipped Physics lab, can comfortably accommodate 30 students/ batch.

  • Physics laboratory introduces new concepts and techniques which have a wide application in experimental science.


  • The theoretical concepts and relationships introduced in theory are practically performed in the laboratories.


  • Laboratory experiments have been set up keeping consistency with the theory so that the students can understand the applications of the laws and principles of physics.


Communication Skill Language Lab


  • To promote holistic student personality development, the college facilitates students  to polish their spoken and listening skills viz. language lab activities.

  • The activities are focused around polishing the language used for communication in the global technological world. 

  • The Language lab plays a crucial role in developing the communication skills of our students which would also brighten their prospects in placement activities.