Government Polytechnic College, Harda

Department of Civil Engineering


Welcome!!! Department of Civil Engineering, GPC Harda.

  • The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the oldest departments of the institute started in 1962.

  • It offers three years diploma in civil engineering. The department has highly qualified and dedicated faculties. 

  • Civil department is equipped with all the  laboratories necessary for a diploma engineer.

  • Department of civil engineering has four laboratories: Material Testing Lab, Soil Mechanics Lab, Surveying Lab, PHE Lab.

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Material Testing Lab


  • The purpose of material testing lab is to find out the properties of various raw material to check their quality and suitability according to the work.
  • This lab is equipped with slump cone test, concrete mixer, compressive testing machine, abrasion testing machine etc.


Soil Mechanics Lab


  • This lab helps students to work with different types of soil and to find out their bearing capacity.
  • The lab is well equipped with CBR machine, casagrandes apparatus, triaxial testing machine, proctor test etc.


Surveying Lab


  • Surveying of an area is one of the essential step in the starting of any construction project.
  • This lab helps student to measure relative position of points  by measuring horizontal distance ,vertical distance and directions.
  • This lab is well equipped with theodolite, chains, compass, levelling staff, plane table etc.




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